Three white House of Grass weed hats sitting in a row on a blue abstract background.


Studio B is in the business of branding. In this case, the brand is House of Grass–a dope hat company–that opened an online store during the week of 4/20. Aimed at weed enthusiasts, golfers, skaters, hat-wearing fashionistas, the “House” launched with 4 hat styles and 4 designs–all crisp, all white. It’s an apparel brand with distinctive decorations and a convenient little tag that can hold your golf tee or a blunt.

House of Grass Imperial performance hat with black rope and small fairy grass weed leaf patch on right corner of hat. Shown on abstract, rainbow background.
Girl walking next to Black and White illusion wall in Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. Wearing a blue shirt, jeans and house of Grass Fuzzy Buddy Hat.


White Imperial performance hat with black rope and green House of Grass puff patch. Shown on black background, sitting on piece of metal.
House of Grass White Imperial Performance hat with black rope and chenille weed leaf patch.
3x3 grid of House of Grass hats.
House of Grass green plaid trucker hat with a chenille weed leaf patch. Shown backwards on girl in front of abstract, blurred background.
3 House of Grass hats in a row. Left hat is a White mesh back trucker with a small fairy grass weed leaf patch, middle hat is a white Imperial performance hat with gold rope and a House of Grass puff patch on it, and the right hat is a white mesh back trucker with large fairy grass weed leaf patch on it. Shown on graffitied railroad tracks.
House of Grass brand collage.