Show me your store!

Twisted Root’s website is great example of something I’ve been telling my clients: Use your website to sell your customers the brand – not the deal.

It’s time for websites to evolve! Your home page is your digital front door. Restaurants need to open the front door and invite me in. I know you sell food – duh. I can get food anywhere. What makes you different is your environment. Show me what it would be like to meet my friends here and then show me all of the delicious things I can eat when I get there. Nobody tries a restaurant these days without checking out the website. Note to CEO’s – you’re selling experience, not just food. Spend some money on interior photography and video.

Also doing a great job:

This site makes me want to buy a franchise!


Restaurant brands are finding success on grocery shelves with private label products.

Working with clients Hilco (Leader Sports), Delicious Brands and Visionworks we’re accustomed to seeing our work on retail shelves. Now our restaurant clients are not only branding private label products to be sold in their own stores (Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, Newk’s Eatery), we’re seeing a trend to take branded products to the grocery shelves.

Client El Fenix Mexican Restaurants in Dallas, Texas is preparing to launch their signature Tostada Chips in grocers by third quarter. The brand has sold their salsa in Target stores and HEB stores for years.

Works in progress for other clients include a 6 sku line of family sized frozen meals and a new line of luxury skincare products.

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Word Walls-Please stop.

Word Walls-Please stop. When is this trend going to end? Your restaurant decor is not a power point presentation, a word cloud or a venn diagram. Quit telling your customers what you “serve” with overused, meaningless words designed to fill large walls. Please.