Discipline #1: Branding

Branding is the creation and continual development of a set of assets. Those assets include the logo, colors, typefaces, graphics, photography, and words used to present itself to the public. The brand assets provide the basis for all decisions made on behalf of the brand, therefore branding is the FIRST consideration for store design and packaging design projects.

Discipline #2: Store Design

Just because reclaimed wood is popular, doesn’t mean it’s right for you! Your store or restaurant should be the physical embodiment of your brand. Every decision you make should answer the question “does this fit my brand?” This means signage, paint, lighting, texture, seating, merchandising and messaging.

Discipline #3: Package Design

Boxes, bags, bottles, cups – three dimensional branding and communication all wrapped up in well…a nice neat package. Some packages are meant to market the product they contain, others are mobile brand vehicles and some live in your customers pantry for months at time. Studio B is experienced in packaging for restaurants, grocery shelves and mass retailers.


Not so much a discipline as a specialty. This is exploratory work done on the “down-low” by a small group. Skunkwork allows corporate visionaries the opportunity to explore an idea without creating chaos inside the four walls. Some projects come to fruition, some don’t. Having a resource on the outside can be a great solution for helping visualize and vet new ideas before bringing them to the company conference table.