Restaurants of the future – let’s talk crazy!

By September 5, 2023 No Comments

Restaurants of the future

Two large restaurant brands asked us to design their restaurants of the future. No rules, no limits to creativity. Areas to address were restaurant design, technology and customer trends. The ideas might seem crazy – they might work, they might not but at least you’re looking forward. If you can get yourself acclimated to being uncomfortable with what you don’t know, you’re doing it right!

What’s Cash?

Obviously there won’t be cash in the future. Will there be human servers? Just imagine – order accuracy could be, well, accurate! Will the restaurant ever close? Will restaurants invest in a physical space or just exist in digital kitchens like oomi? That’s all happening already.

Unbranded food might as well be those jello bricks on the last train car in Snowpiercer.

Ultimately, food without unique, brand-based features or restaurant brands without experiential features will become commodities. A taco made by a robot, delivered by a drone and left on my porch is just a taco.  Now, if I ordered a #3 Spicy Chicken Tikka taco in the metaverse, paid for it with cryto currency and it’s delivered to my house in a heated drone every “Taco Tuesday” at 7pm… that’s a brand experience!

If you’re not planning your future now, you’re behind. Reach out, let’s talk about something crazy for your brand!