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February 2023

MJ Moreau – Package Design Nerd

You want me to talk about packaging?!

I’ve been a package design nerd for my entire career so when I was invited to speak about packaging at a GCIA (Global Culinary Innovators Association) event in San Diego, CA, I was in!

I was asked to participate on a panel as a packaging expert to talk to a group of international corporate chefs about sustainable restaurant packaging. Think paper cups, take out containers, pizza boxes, etc. At the time, Studio B was knee-deep into a 16-piece fast casual restaurant packaging project for plant-based fast food brand Earth Burger, so this was perfect timing. I shared the stage with Dan Nolan of Good Start (Sustainable) Packaging  and Rick Findlay – a grocery packaging pro with awesome Whole Foods stories.

Sustainable packaging

I wish I could say that sustainable packaging is an option for every brand. It’s just not, yet. The demand, however, is encouraging the industry to look for more earth friendly solutions – on the daily.

Expert status equals time in the game.

Working with restaurant and retail brands always involves some form of package design. Whether it’s a take out bag or a full-blown pallet display full of swim goggles for Costco, the package can be the primary brand vehicle. Studio B designs roughly 50 retail or restaurant package items a year. We have great vendors for short and long print runs and we manage the process from design and function to final printed product.

Is your package design shelf-ready?

If you need design for a new product or an update to your existing products, we’d love to take a look! If you’re on the fence, DM Deric Cahill of Wicked Bold Chocolate who calls me a packaging genius. He can attest to the value of a great package. We (and Perry Fink) helped him get from the farmers market to the end caps at Whole Foods with more deals in the works.

Shout out to Jeff Sinelli for recommending me and Kevin Ryan, ICCA/GCIA for letting me participate in this awesome event.